Toilets for Belong Community Bring Benefits of Total Sanitation

By Komang Kurniawan, Chairman & Team Leader

Belong Hamlet is a hamlet (dusun) that is located on an east slope of Mount Agung. This hamlet is one of 19 hamlets located in Ban Village. A wide dry river bed as an ex lava stream, formed by Mount Agung eruption in 1963, that’s made land there very dry, sandy, and there is no water source. Therefore, all people there are using only rainwater. Belong Hamlet has 371 households and most of them have a rainwater tank called “Cubang”. On dry season, Cubang will be empty and people who need water must walk for 2 until 3 hours to get water from nearest water source. This situation made sanitation there very poor; all people there don’t have toilet, even most of them don’t know what a toilet is and have never seen one. 

Mai 2017 is a great month for people in Belong Hamlet because in this month, EBPP in collaboration with Fondation EXO has helped with 23 toilet/bathroom blocks. About 40 household or approximately 160 people who lived in Belong Hamlet have received a benefit for this aid. The first activities start from late May, and will be finished in June 2017. Précédemment, dans 2014, Fondation EXO also helped Darmaji Hamlet that located on a slope of Mount Abang, avec 49 toilet blocks. With the grant, EBPP provide materials of cement and concrete blocks, and then community will cooperate and build the toilet by themselves. They also participate by providing door and roof for the toilet, so the toilet can be used for the long term. Those toilets are not only used for defecating but also for bathing, laundry and other needs.


Toilets needed to cover all people in Belong Hamlet are 191 toilettes, but because of limited funding, we are only helping now with 23 toilettes, sponsored by EXO foundation – and recently confirmed for another 24 by a UK donor. Les gens dans Belong Hamlet espèrent vraiment qu'il y aura d'autres aides pour les aider à construire des toilettes parce qu'ils ne peuvent pas construire leur propre fonds,,en,Ils réalisent déjà que l'amélioration de l'assainissement,,en,ils peuvent prévenir les maladies telles que la diarrhée qui les enfants de moins,,en,ans ont un risque élevé d'infection,,en,avec toilettes,,en,les gens ne seront pas déféquer négligemment plus,,en,Habituellement, ils le font dans les buissons près de leur maison,,en,Cette habitude est très mauvaise parce qu'elle peut se propager des maladies particulièrement au cours d'une saison des pluies,,en,certaines personnes peuvent se sentir Hamlet appartenez heureux,,en. They already realise that with improving sanitation, they can prevent diseases such as diarrhoea which children under 5 years old have a high risk for infection. With toilets, people will not be defecating carelessly anymore. Usually they are doing that in the bushes near their house. This habit is very bad because it can spread diseases particularly during a wet season.
Aujourd'hui, some people in Belong Hamlet can feel happy, because with these toilets, sanitation there has improved and it can decrease spreading of diseases. We give our gratitude for Fondation EXO which helped our people in Belong Hamlet.

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