Two Seasons, Two Lives

By Ketut, EBPP Junior High School student, Walker Hamlet

There are two seasons in my village: dry season and rainy season. Between both seasons, I would prefer rainy season rather than dry season because in that season there is no dust on the road and the plants can grow well. I can do some work in the farm such as planting some corns, beans and other kinds of plants easily.

Two seasons, two lives_22.12.14

Ketut helping his family plant vegetables such as corn and beans.

In the rainy season we do not lack water because the rain fills all of the cubang (our roof rain water collection reservoir provided by EBPP). The temperature is cold. Cutting the grass is easier too because we can find the grass everywhere.

Different situation happen in dry season. My village is very dry. The road is dusty and it’s hard for all of the plants to survive. It is difficult to find grass since they cannot grow as well as in rainy season. It makes the cows in my village become thinner because they don’t get enough food. Growing a plant is harder. All of the plants are withered since there is not enough water. The dust spreads out by the wind, if it is inhaled, it causes cough, influenza and sneezing.

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