EBPP video of community living condition on the steep eastern Mt. Agung and Abang slopes (December 1999)

December 1999: The situation and condition of the children, mothers, babies and their living conditions in the 3 most remote mountain hamlets high up the steep and arid slopes of mounts Agung and Abang in December 1999. And the first education programme launched by EBPP for the 35 children of Bunga hamlet. The start of a new future for thousands. Video sponsored by Bali-based Jungle Run Productions.


David Booth MBE interviewed on “Bali Today” documentary: Making a Difference. 2008

bali today

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David Booth, EBPP founder, summarises some of the key problems faced by the 19 isolated hamlets in the massive east Bali mountain village and the many community-based sustainable development solutions implemented by the EBPP-community partnership since 1999.





EBPP featured in ABC News Network Report – Bali’s tourist trade doesn’t pay off for the poor. 2012

ABC report

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EBPP thanks Auskar Surbakti from the ABC Australia Network`s Newsline programme, for this documentary highlighting the progress made by EBPP since 1999 and the long way still to go to bridge the gap between the developed and isolated regions of Bali !
Please note EBPP has 6 schools, not 3 schools as mentioned in the documentary.





TB awareness and educational video for remote villages with no local health centre. English. 2011

EBPP TB campaign

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TB is one of the biggest cureable killer disease in Indonesia. All the actors in this video are EBPP high school students who decided they wanted to educate their communities and the world by developing an awareness video to show the way to understand, identify and get cured of TB — and its dangers if not treated. The cured sufferers at the end of the video did not have a script.





TB awareness and educational video for remote villages with no local health centre. Indonesian. 2011

TO video Indo

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TB adalah salah satu penyakit mematikan terbesar di Indonesia yang bisa disembuhkan . Semua aktor dalam video ini adalah siswa SMU EBPP yang bersemangat untuk mendidik komunitas mereka dan dunia dengan mengembangkan sebuah video pendidikan yang menginformasikan cara untuk memahami, mengidentifikasi dan sembuh dari TB – serta bahayanya jika tidak segera diobati. Para mantan penderita yang sudah sembuh memberikan pernyataan pada akhir video tanpa menggunakan script.




EBPP 2013 Videos

EBPP Indonesian Independence Day Annual Event 17 Agustus 2013

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250 Children from all EBPP’s 6 mountain hamlet schools proudly showcase their skills, creative arts, drama and music talents to provide the annual educational FUN day for reside…

EBPP National Education Day Celebration 2013

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EBPP’s 6 school celebrate Indonesian National Education Day: May 2nd 2013

EBPP 2012 Videos

EBPP Students Performance @ 2nd Bali Garden Party 22nd September 2012

BGP 2012

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The Bali Garden Party 2012, sponsored by Phoenix Communications and organized by the dynamic Rob & Nadira Doddemeade, commenced on Saturday, September 22 with a day of fun, games and food for around 200 underprivileged kids, including 22 East Bali Poverty Project students, representing our 6 schools. The highlight of their and other children’s day was this great environmental drama created by EBPP students and staff with a clear message to the audience to protect your living environment: it is our future! EBPP’s students, aged from 9-18, demonstrated great talent and sound environmental passion as great future guardians of their mountain environment and teachers of others


EBPP’s 6 schools’ 17th August 2012 Independence Day celebration

Ind Day 2012

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All I could say on 17th August, as I had said for the previous 11 years’ EBPP Independence Day celebration was “Wow, it’s the best and happiest day of my life!” Our children’s drama, poetry, creative arts and music gets better every year!! Each year for Independence Day, they choose to develop educational dramas, sketches and great songs. It’s only the last 2 years we have had music classes and musical instruments so the envelope is being pushed further. The children’s goal is to provide entertainment and life education for their families and the remote communities of this village of 19 scattered and isolated hamlets of Ban village.
Since founding EBPP in 1998, my pride grows every year with the great talent, skill and confidence the children in our 6 EBPP schools have developed, thanks to the dedication of all of our staff, from the education team, health team, organic farming team, water and sanitation team, art and crafts team, bamboo and vetiver teams who have all put immense effort love and devotion into guiding our school children and communities on the road from abject poverty to potential prosperity, led by the amazing children in EBPP schools. The children have their own mission to teach their parents and from the seeds sown by our integrated education programmes, new lives and futures are blossoming. I hope you enjoy this video which gives a little window on to their lives and aspirations.

EBPP celebrating National Education Day 2012

edu day 2012

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2 May 2012, Students from EBPP schools celebrating Education Day at Cegi hamlet community centre, Ban Village.






EBPP 2011 Videos

EBPP Students’ performance 2011 CHRISTMAS EVE
@ Amankila Resort, Manggis, Bali

Amankila 2012

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These 22 talented 10-15 year old performers are all children from EBPP’s Darmaji and Jatituhu Schools, situated in 2 of the most isolated hamlets high up Mount Abang slopes, 4.5 kilometres from the nearest highway. As the first generation in their region to be educated, they all thirst for knowledge and new skills and they are all, without a doubt, the pride of their respective communities.
Their one music class/week for the last year has opened more avenues for them to express themselves and choose their future; all of the 3 girls who sang have ambitions to be professional singers.
Taught by Bambang Sri Handoko, EBPP’s Volunteer Music Teacher, and with all the instruments donated, they learnt to perform this simple opera after only 2 weeks training.

EBPP Students’ Performance at Bali Garden Party 28 October 2011

BGP 2011

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48 students aged 10-19 represented EBPP’s 6 schools in an amazing 30 minutes opera-drama performance that thrilled the whole audience. Not only was this the first time the children performed in front of an audience but for many, it was the first time they left their village! They hope to soon be able to perform at hotels and other events and many hope to one day be professional musicians.







The following are videos relating to the East Bali Poverty Project, and providing some background information about Bali and some of the work that we do.