Visit to Jatituhu School and other EBPP projects from Rotary Club of Carnarvon: “East Bali Poverty Project has fantastic programs.”

Oleh Stefanus Bournias, EBPP Intern

From left to right: Ketut, Alan, Komang, Maryanne and Ardika.

From left to right: Ketut, Alan, Komang, Maryanne and Ardika.

Maryanne exclaimed to Komang Kurniawan, Ketua EBPP & Pemimpin tim, before departing: “EBPP’s programs are fantastic!” which gives us such a warm feeling of pride; knowing she will support our children.

On Thursday the 26th of November, Maryanne and Alan, a lovely couple from the Rotary Club of Carnarvon, Australia Barat, visited EBPP’s projects to have a better understanding of EBPP’s projects and the life of communities living there. They had already made a donation that Maryanne raised with her fellow Carnarvon Rotarians.

Starting off in our Ban village HQ, Komang (Pemimpin tim), Ketut (Bamboo Team Leader), and Ardika (Deputy Team Leader) escorted Maryanne and Alan on a tour of some key projects, starting with visits to some Darmaji families who benefitted from the recent toilets project. They then dropped into Darmaji School to share some lessons with our students followed by the dusty dirt track drive to our Jatituhu School.

DSC_0037At Jatituhu, although it was not a normal school day for our elementary school students who we are seeking funds for, they were all there; energetic and excited to meet the visitors.

Like the children, Maryanne and Alan were also excited and filled with joy to see them all.

It is always a great pleasure to have new donors visiting our village because when they witness the impacts of our projects firsthand, most do pledge to support us in any way they can.

Thank you so much Maryanne and Alan for your visiting us.

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