Bamboo Specialist



Assignment Summary:

Advising and assisting with hands-on training developing our community based bamboo and eco /agro forestry planning and to support the EBPP team in quality bamboo products development.


We have 3 key objectives for our volunteer:


1. Increased no of people in the communities with bamboo skills, in planting, maintaining and harvesting as well as technical knowledge of species types and technical and potential for sustainable bamboo product business development

2. Increased expertise for designing bamboo plantations and training others, both within and from outside their respective communities

3. Increased bamboo clump management skills to ensure improved growth and future potential


Other Details:


• In conjunction with Counterpart, design strategies for bamboo reforestation in up to 500 hectares

• Consult with stakeholders and identify sustainable bamboo business opportunities that the EBPP village communities could link

• Assist the EBPP team to develop a 5 year business plan for bamboo products

• Work with counterpart to develop and define a bamboo clump management programme for the next 5 jaar, related to the bamboo planting design and business development plans



Essential Minimum Qualification (Onderwijs) · Degree in Forestry or environmental management, that had an emphasis on sustainable bamboo planting, management and business development and/or

· Science/engineering degree related to the technical properties of bamboo, preferably including technical knowledge of bamboo as a sustainable building material

· English Speaking with at least a professional working proficiency

Desired Minimum Experience · Minimum 5 years’ experience in Bamboo field work including plantation design, planting, monitoring and managementwith verified success results

· Experience in bamboo craft design, development and production in bamboo products such as furniture, musical instruments, etc.

· Capability in GPS site documentation and GIS mapping. EBPP team do have that capability using Esri Arc GIS software and is essential for bamboo plantation field mapping and design

Essential Minimum Time Commitment · 3 maanden

· Full – Time (Mon – Fri, 8 5)

Other skills en ervaring die een voordeel zou kunnen zijn · Communication skills in the Indonesian language

· Experience working in remote or rural locations

· Vaardigheden of kwalificaties in data-analyse