Professeur d'anglais,en

Objectifs clés pour professeur d'anglais bénévole:


1. Amélioration de la capacité anglaise parmi les étudiants et la communauté à l'étape qu'ils ne nécessitent plus de professeurs d'anglais d'autres villages

2. Augmentation de la confiance et la capacité en anglais communication de la langue comme un atout pour inviter les entreprises partenaires étrangers comme un outil de développement économique communautaire

3. Une confiance accrue et la capacité à EBPP élèves du secondaire à pratiquer et de développer leurs compétences en communication verbale en langue anglaise, en particulier pour (Je) communiquer avec les donateurs et existants et futurs (ii) de les motiver pour leur développement économique futur dans leur village pour base communautaire agriculture / bambou / écologie tourisme

4. Increased motivation to read English novels as a hobby and to encourage younger students and community members to also understand and appreciate the benefits for the long term of communication in English

5. Improve studentsknowledge of national and international topics for discussion with their respective families, communities and visitors as part of the sustainable community development goals of professional community based bamboo, agriculture and ecotourism for small groups of concerned and sufficiently wealthy eco tourists.

6. Improve EBPP English teacher’s skills to be more creative in designing relevant teaching material that does not rely on specific teaching books;

7. Empower EBPP English teachers to inspire students to aim for the goal of also going on to university to become English teachers to bring their skill back to their village

8. Motivate illiterate parents and communities to ask their children to teach them so that they have confidence to venture outside their village and develop their own potential

9. Create leadership potential in school students to drive them to succeed too become ambassadors to promote their village and generate the next level of their rise from poverty to prosperity


Essential Minimum Qualification (Éducation) · Qualified TESOL or Equivalent Education Qualification as an English teacher to foreign language high school students
Essential Minimum Experience · 2 years’ experience, preferably in foreign village, not in orphanages or government schools
Essential Minimum Time Commitment · 3 mois

· Full – Time (Mon – Fri, 8 5)

Other skills and experience that could be an advantage · Experience in a developing country

· Experience in training or mentoring

· Skills in Indonesian or Balinese, or the willingness to learn while here

· Experience working in remote and rural locations