“We never saw a rugby ball before!.”

By: Ni Nengah, 16 years old, Senior High School grade 2, Jatituhu

The temperature was very hot and our school field covered with dust, but we were happy because special guests would visit our small school which located in the remote area. They were Heathmont College students from Australia. Before they came, we cleaned the school area in order they could be comfortable and happy visiting our school.


We started the activities at the day by gathering in the school yard while listening to Mrs. Agi – the teacher of Heathmont College – explaining her students. As a welcome from us, my juniors showed a Balinese traditional dance called Puspanjali. We were glad our guests happy watching it.


It was Friday, September 16th 2016, 14 students of Heathmont College looked happy visiting us. Their look well-mannered and always smile. Their faces were covered with sweats, maybe because the temperature at the day. They were 15 years old and still on Junior High School. They were tall, some higher and some shorter than me. They wore blue polo shirt. They were pretty and handsome, looked okay for me.
They visited us here to see our school condition. We welcomed them with our greatest simile then asked their name and greet each other. We knew they will visit us because Mrs. Agi have told us a couple weeks ago. She told us that she would bring some students to visit our school.
On that visit, they explained the unique animals of Australia like kangaroo, echidna, koala, and Tasmanian devil. They explained the seasons in Australia too, like summer, autumn, winter, and spring by showing posters and photographs. They also brought some T-shirts, balls, bags, flags, map, and presents because they wanted to explain about Australia as well as for donation.

heathmount-visit-2016-dI like their sport game – rugby. They brought an oval ball (rugby ball) and showed us the way they play the game which was interesting for us. We never saw it before, the way they hit the ball is different with the way we usually do. Some of us joined the game. It was a great experience for us even though it was difficult to hit and throw the ball. Our conversation was interesting too. I like it because they speak English but mixed with Bahasa Indonesia. The most interesting part of them was their spirit of learning, attitude and achievement. Mrs. Agi told us that all students who visited us were the best students of Heathmont College.

heathmount-visit-2016-cAt the day, we were asked to sing a song (head, shoulder, knee and toe) with Mrs. Agi and her students and finished the visit by taking pictures together. We were happy for their visit because we could learn to speak in English and know the situation in Australia like endemic animal and seasons. I hope I can continue my school until university level. I hope they can help us until my junior finish their school here. One thing I want to say to them is that, I hope they will keep their spirit to keep learning and get more achievement, always healthy, so that they could visit us again.

Thank you so much for visiting us and for the hard work to help us here in Jatituhu.

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