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Active, creative, and enjoyable, learning mathematics

Ponirin, EBPP Maths Teacher

At EBPP, we apply an active, creative and fun approach to learning mathematics. As a teacher, I realize that many students are less fond of maths. Therefore, I am determined to create an exciting learning atmosphere for every student to be actively and creatively involved in solving every maths challenge, both in academic contexts and everyday life. Actively engaging in maths learning not only boosts the students' confidence, but also helps them become more independent.


Our students' independence is reflected in the way they handle problems in class, while their confidence is reflected as they conquer maths’ challenges. The passionate competitive spirit encourages all students to develop and advance in solving problems.


We not only emphasize active engagement, but also expect students to be creative in finding solutions as well as sharing knowledge with their peers. With this approach, we believe every student will find pleasure and success in learning, especially mathematics!



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