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Cultivating Responsibility and Teamwork

Gesang, EBPP School Counsellor

In a recent classroom activity, I had the pleasure of guiding a group of students through a meaningful experience: cleaning up their school library. As the students picked up cleaning tools, the library transformed into a hub of purposeful activity. More than just cleaning and arranging books, the underlying message of the activity resonated throughout the room - the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and the impact our shared spaces have on our learning environment.


Students were encouraged to collaborate, communicate, and take ownership of their shared space. The library, often considered the heart of our school, became a metaphor for the collective responsibility we bear in creating a positive and conducive atmosphere for learning. By engaging in this hands-on activity, students not only contributed to the physical cleanliness of the library but also to a sense of pride and connection to their school community - a fresh start to 2024!


In our post-activity discussion, students shared insights into the value of maintaining a clean and organized space for studying and collaboration. They showed that they now understand and value the teamwork needed to keep our learning space special. As a school counsellor, watching this activity happen again makes us believe even more that empowering students with a sense of responsibility and fostering teamwork contributes to their holistic development, preparing them for a future where collaboration and accountability are paramount.


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