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Empowering Creativity Through Art and Literacy

Updated: Apr 5

I Wayan Kari Astawa, EBPP Art Teacher

Art lessons play a crucial role in our school curriculum by providing space for students to explore creative expression and develop an appreciation for art. In our continued efforts to enrich students' learning experiences, my teaching approach focuses on developing drawing skills while incorporating elements of literacy.


In this teaching process, I assign tasks to students to stimulate their imagination and express it through painting. Furthermore, as part of the learning process, I encourage students to present their artwork in front of the class. During their presentation, students are asked to explain their paintings, choosing words and vocabulary according to their speaking abilities, using proper and correct Indonesian language.


This method not only gives them the opportunity to share their work with classmates but also strengthens their communication and presentation skills. Additionally, through this method, students are expected to continue expressing themselves freely and become more confident in their creativity.

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