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Food Staples Ease Covid-19 Negative Effects on Students’ Learning - 22nd food distribution

By: Komang Kurniawan, EBPP Chairman & Team Leader

We would like to thank all donors who’ve helped us provide monthly food aid to all EBPP students since May 2020, especially Chef Dean Keddell, through his fundraising Cookbook “Our Bali-Your Bali”. This month’s staple foods distribution is our 22nd since May 2020!

The current pandemic situation is increasingly uncertain, with the spread of new Covid-19 variants making the situation even more difficult to control. This certainly has a negative impact on EBPP students, who were so happy in October last year because they were allowed to return to school and study face to face, even though they still had to follow strict health protocols. But two weeks ago, this happiness turned to sadness when on 7th February, they’d to return to online learning. They can no longer study with their friends at school and, once again, must learn remotely.

To encourage students’ learning enthusiasm, EBPP again distributed staple food packages to all students and their parents to meet the adequacy of food for several weeks while they study from home.

Hopefully, this latest Covid-19 wave will soon pass, and there’ll be no new Covid variants spreading, so that we can all return to normal activities and all students can learn more freely with their friends at school. Thank you

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