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Good Yields with Natural Fertilizers

By: I Wayan Ngurah, Agriculture Facilitator

Since joining the Manikaji school students’ organic agroforestry project as EBPP project facilitator in January 2023, learning with Pak Krisna Waworuntu (Dry-land Permaculture Expert), my greatest experience was seeing the results of the tomatoes, green vegetables, lettuce, eggplant, etc. that we picked were of much better quality, more natural, bigger in size and fresher in taste than any I had eaten before!

We get good garden results because during preparations we do not use chemicals as fertilizer, and only use natural fertiliser of leaves and cow dung which we process by fermentation. In addition, the enthusiasm and perseverance of our students in caring for the garden also drives our garden results to be good.

The results of this garden are proof that proper land management and not using chemicals will produce high-quality vegetables, so that in the future we hope that the students we have taught can be inspired to be able to develop this kind of agricultural model on their own land -and train their families and students from other EBPP schools.

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