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Increasing Students’ Interest in Learning History

I Wayan Sumadia. History teacher

History has a crucial role in education, helping students to understand the past through two main goals: scientific-technological development and recognizing the process of change. However, many students are reluctant to study it because they focus too much on dates, events and famous names. This approach seeks to change this paradigm by shifting the focus to the causes, dynamics and consequences of historical events.


To increase EBPP students' interest in history, I held question and answer sessions and quizzes related to previous material. This approach aims to make students more active, evaluate initial understanding, identify learning difficulties, and stimulate learning motivation. This method not only explores understanding, but also develops students' communication skills, encouraging them to be clearer in conveying ideas and answering questions.

With this method, it is hoped that students will not only memorize historical facts, but also understand the context and impact. Thus, history is no longer just a list of dates, but a dynamic story that reflects the human journey and encourages deeper curiosity.


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