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Reproductive & Sexual Health Education through #GerakanPELURUS Program

By: Darsana, MedIK Indonesia Founder

MedIK Indonesia has launched a movement named #GerakanPELURUS, aiming to engage youth (aged 14 - 24) in Indonesia to collectively address misconceptions and false information surrounding sexual and reproductive health, prevalent in society, through education projects with 50 students at East Bali Poverty Project’s PKBM Ekoturin School. The participants gained a thorough understanding of sexual and reproductive health and learned how to identify reliable sources of information in order to create content that dispels false information and myths.

This program has two main segments:

· Between May 16 and June 2, 2023, we had comprehensive sessions on reproductive health and compiled misinformation or misconceptions related to sexual and reproductive health as content for our campaign activities.

· From July 11 to September 1, we posted the campaign twice weekly on our social media accounts: @medik_indonesia and @anak_empowered_ebbp to disseminate accurate information regarding health-related misconceptions and myths that are currently circulating.

We are enthusiastic about collaborating to make a positive impact on the youth of Desa Ban through this campaign by sharing accurate information to counteract any misleading details that might cause confusion within the community. As the program initiator, I thank the East Bali Poverty Project for their partnership in educating their students and look forward to a continued collaboration between MedIK Indonesia and EBPP.

You can read all the content we have created on Instagram: @medik_indonesia and @anak_empowered_ebpp

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