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The 4th Gender-Equality Sports Competitions

I Gede Sudarma, EBPP EMpower prog. Coordinator

 Sunday, 25 February marked the final of the fourth gender-equality sports competitions. Held at Daya Sports Court, there were four sports teams consisting of junior and senior high students of EBPP’s 6 Schools, excitedly competing to claim the championship. The sports competitions are a regular event of EBPP’s EMpower Programs supporting gender equality, especially girls’ inclusion in sports.

The main goal of our two competitive sports, futsal and volleyball, are that each team must consist of a minimum of 2 girls for futsal and 3 girls for volleyball. The competition was fun and full of excitement, in the middle of the misty rainy season, with each team drenched in sweat aiming for the highest score! At the end of the competition, Pengalusan and Cegi Schools’ Alus FC took first place in the futsal, with All Stars VC of Bunga School in volleyball.

“My team lost, but I’m still happy because I feel that my skills and experiences have increased. I cannot wait for the next ones,” said Lisa, a girl from Darmaji School, happily.

There are many improvements in the students’ skills since the first competitions and each time we can see that their confidence is growing as well as the boys embracing the girls’ presence in these traditionally male activities. Hopefully, this great result will send a clear message to drive broader equality in sports.

“The students’ skills have advanced a lot! I think we’re ready for more challenges like joining the sports festival this year,” said Ketut Madya, EBPP Sports Teacher.

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