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2023 Priority Projects & Fundraising Targets


1. Support 68 Manikaji children’s continued education:

Our 68 students in Manikaji remote EBPP school on Mount Abang rely on EBPP for their education, from age 6-18, due to government schools being too far away and no public transport available in this large East Bali mountain village. Most parents are illiterate and look to their educated children for a better future and to escape the cycle of poverty. It only costs US$410/student/year. Estimated cost US$27,880 (AU$41,820). We’ve so far raised, including commitments from our monthly recurring donors, the total of US$15,500 (AU$23,270); funds still needed for 2023: US$12,380 (AU$18,550)

2. Malnutrition outreach
and intervention:

Developing a replicable “family model” to eliminate malnutrition among the 3,800 families living in the 15 sub-villages of Ban village, through a comprehensive 5-year interactive malnutrition study (2023 is Year 4), in partnership with Udayana University Medical Faculty, working with pregnant women and their families, families with babies under 2-years-old and adolescent girls. Estimated 2023 cost US$ 42,355 (AU$63,500). We have so far raised US$23,895 (AU$35,800); funds still needed for 2023: US$18,460 (AU$27,700)


3. Improve dirt road infrastructure for 700 families & 3 schools:

Improve unsafe dirt roads for safer access for our students to go to EBPP Manikaji, Darmaji and Jatituhu schools and for the communities’ safe access to local and regional health facilities and enable improved farming outputs and economic development by transporting harvested surplus crops to local and regional markets:

  • 1,600 metres concrete road from Manikaji Kaliaga to Manikaji School:US$8,800(AU$13,200)

  • 3,600 metres dirt road from Manikaji School to Darmaji School: US$19,775 (AU$29,665)

  • 3,000 metres concrete road from Darmaji to Jatituhu School: US$16,490 (AU$24,735)

4. Food security and sustainable economic development for 700 families:

The 1,100 hectares steep and sandy volcanic ash farmland supporting the 3 most isolated and disadvantaged sub-villages of Manikaji, Darmaji & Jatituhu, high up the central Mount Abang slopes has no rivers or mountain springs and only crops of cassava and corn can be planted during the 4-5 months rainy season. EBPP, working with the highly motivated farmers groups, want to provide training and resources for the farmers and EBPP students in sustainable dry land permaculture and agroforestry to grow nutritious foods, cash crops and multi-beneficial trees to sell to local and regional markets using the upgraded road infrastructure (see No. 3 above). Estimated 2023 cost US$50,000 (AU$70,000)

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How to Donate

Bank Transfer

Bank: BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)
Branch: JI. Kamboja, Denpasar, Bali
Acc number: 0055 295 647
Swift code: BNI NI DJA RNN


PayPal link:
Acc name: Yayasan Ekoturisme Indonesia
Username: @eastbalipoverty

Online Crowdfunding
Support education for our 76 children in EBPP’s remote Manikaji School
Online Crowdfunding
Eradicating Infant Malnutrition in East Bali
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Helping disadvantaged communities in Bali’s poorest region achieve self-reliance and sustainable socio-economic development through holistic, community-driven development programmes.

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