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25 years of work
and still going strong!

Since 1998, East Bali Poverty Project has invested skills and energy in communities in formerly impoverished region of Ban district, mountainous East Bali. Our teams have been helping disadvantaged communities help themselves through an inspiring and participative collaboration based on ownership, empowerment and sustainability. Our purpose is to eradicate poverty and create community leaders by means of education in Bali’s poorest region. All projects must be sustainable and are undertaken at the request of the communities, with their full input and participation to achieve self-reliance. Learn more about our work on the ground.

"19 years of being a cadre and assisting our community in shaping healthy behaviour makes me feel proud to see how our community can develop. I hope that in the future there will be no more children with nutritional problems in our community."

Komang Ayi
Health team posyandu cadre in Cegi

“It feels good to be able to graduate from high school which means I have completed 12 years of compulsory education. I have gained a lot while studying at school: experiences, insights, friends, and also the teachers who are like parents themselves; and other extraordinary things that I certainly couldn’t get anywhere else.”

Ni Luh Susanti
12th Grade, Manikaji School

"The children help their parents cultivate their land. You can see it in their calloused hands. Educating them about permaculture is an effective way to spread knowledge in the community."

Pak Krisna Waworuntu
Permaculture teacher in Manikaji

the Community

Helping disadvantaged communities in Bali’s poorest region achieve self-reliance and sustainable socio-economic development through holistic, community-driven development programmes.

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