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2023 Malnutrition Study: 2023 Participants’ Recruitment

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

This year, 2023, we embarked on the 4th year of our 5-year malnutrition study “Developing family-based nutrition intervention in Ban Village” in collaboration with Udayana University Medical Faculty. The focus of this year’s field research activities is to test the family models that we piloted in 2021-2022 by applying the model to the new 2023 respondents, who we are currently recruiting.

The Udayana expert team who are designing this program, has already processed the population data we obtained from Ban village government and the local community health centre to determine the sample sizes for this study and our team visited each potential respondent’s home in February and March to explain the research and request their consent by signing our consent form.

We’ve now recruited all the 177 respondents required in this study, consisting of 86 adolescent females, 61 families with children under two years, and 30 pregnant women’s families. Knowing how interesting and well conceptualized this research is, the verified respondents are eagerly waiting for this activity to begin.

In the next stage, we will apply the model through family gatherings and peer education activities which are planned to be carried out over a 3-month period.

Stay tuned to this page for our exciting field updates! See you soon….

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