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A Little Girl with a Big Spirit

By: I Nyoman Kartya, Social Science Teacher for Elementary Students

Intan is one of our brilliant students from EBPP Manikaji School. She lives in a small house in Manikaji on the slopes of Mount Abang with her mother and younger sister. The father has to work out of the village due to the lack of job opportunities in their area. Every day, Intan needs to walk around 1.5 kilometres on foot to reach the school.

Those limitations never deter Intan’s spirit to learn. She is a nine years old girl with a big motivation. She always studies diligently at school. Her favourite subjects are mathematics and science. Moreover, she also joins the traditional Balinese dance extra-curricular with her friends. Because of her diligence, she consistently got first place in the class. Intan is also a helpful daughter at home. After she returns from school, she always helps her mother do the housework or look after her younger sister.

I hope Intan’s story can be a positive encouragement for other students to not give up on their education even in a difficult situation.

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