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A New Era of Youth Leadership at EBPP School

By: Sutami, Grade 10, Manikaji School

May 21, 2024 was a historic day for me when I was officially inaugurated as the OSIS (Student Council) president at EBPP School. My feelings are a mix of joy, pride, emotion, and a bit of worry. I am proud and grateful for the trust placed in me to lead the student organization at PKBM Ekoturin School. Certainly, this is a significant responsibility for me and my friends who have been elected as the student council officers for this term. We must be able to actively and creatively organize and carry out various activities that benefit the students and the school, as well as build good relationships and cooperation with the surrounding communities.

"The student council also has a responsibility and a role in breaking the cycle of child marriage and school dropouts, which are still root problems in the surrounding community and within the Ekoturin School environment," said Pak Komang Kurniawan, Yayasan Ekoturin Chairman, when giving the mandate to the new student council officers.

Therefore, in addition to the main programs we have planned, we will also focus on programs that provide full support to students in EBPP School environment to avoid issues of child marriage and dropping out of school. In carrying out these duties and responsibilities, besides good leadership and communication, we also need the support of the entire school community so that we can all work together to resolve these problems for a better future. I hope that this new formation will lead to tangible actions, not just mere expectations.

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