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Adding value to Manikaji Students’ Agricultural Land Assets

Komang Kurniawan, EBPP Chairman & Team leader

In 2023, our Manikaji junior and senior high school students enthusiastically joined a year-long dryland permaculture farming training program, guided by experts from EBPP and sponsored by an Australian Volunteers Climate Impact grant.


Since late 2023, many students have successfully cultivated their land and even harvested organic vegetables for their families. Now, their task is to share the knowledge and experience they gained with their families and surrounding communities so that they also can enjoy begin their process of sustainably cultivating their land for optimum future benefits.  


To increase their income from their newly cultivated fertile land, EBPP recently provided Durian, Mangosteen, and Longan fruit tree seedlings for all 31 students that will eventually  become a valuable ‘cash crop’ asset, as well as providing a continued source of beneficial nutritious fruit. Before planting the trees, we gave the students a complete explanation and brief hands-on workshop of how to plant and care for them, following which several students immediately planted them


Thanks to generous and timely donor support, Manikaji students have taken their first step towards sustainable economic independence, empowering them to play a key role in developing sustainable agrarian communities. Watch this space for updates on their fruit trees and our students’ continued efforts in 2024.


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