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ADES Distribution to 27 Ban Village Posyandu

By I Ketut Nova Yana Putra, EBPP Health Team

On 16 & 17 March 2023, we distributed 3,072 bottles @600 ml of ADES Mineral Water to 27 Posyandu (monthly mother-infants health posts) spread across 19 Hamlets in Ban Village, which were used to benefit more than 1,000 children under 5 years old.

This programme is a collaboration between EBPP and ADES (PT Coca-Cola Distribution Indonesia) to provide access to safe water to all children who attend monthly Posyandu and supports our awareness programs to the communities to always provide safe water to their children and families, as well as inviting people to get used to always boiling water before consuming it.

We would like to thank ADES (PT. Coca-Cola Distribution Indonesia) for helping us to continue providing safe water to mothers and infants in Ban Village from 2006 until now. Through this programme we hope that the community will be more aware and care about themselves and always consume safe water, and always boiling non-bottled water before drinking.

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