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Battling Malnutrition in Ban Village, Bali

By: Ulfa Ratriana, Health Program Coordinator

I am Ulfa, and I joined EBPP as the new Health Program Coordinator on 20 May. Marking my first month working in Ban Village, I will share with you how it was such an eye-opening experience for me.


In June, I participated in EBPP Intensive Malnutrition Improvement Program. I encountered a family struggling with their child's malnutrition while living in an isolated area that is very hard to reach due to the steep dirt road. Their economic condition is worrying. The father works remotely on a farm and only returns at weekends with little money.


This situation limits the mother’s ability to provide appropriate nutritious food, despite her eagerness to improve her child’s health. She can only buy groceries once a week, and storing perishable foods is very challenging without a refrigerator. This case illustrates how malnutrition is a complex issue intertwined with infrastructure, education, and socio-economic factors.

Many might find it hard to believe malnutrition exists in Bali, a region well-known for its tourism. However, this is the reality. As the new Health Program Coordinator, I want to make my degree in health and nutrition truly impactful by applying my knowledge and skills to help these families have healthier lives. For sure, their situation will make this journey very challenging. 

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