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Better Communication to Overcome School Dropouts

By: I Gede Sudarma, EBPP EMpower Project Coordinator

Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 was a memorable day for the Darmaji and Jatituhu students when they had the opportunity to share their ideas and findings with their parents and village leaders regarding important issues in the village, especially about school dropout due to work and/or marriage and damaged local road. Held at Darmaji Balai Banjar (Community Hall), this was the last of four presentations held in four different hamlets of EBPP schools as the final activities of the EBPP EMpower Photovoices Creative Projects 2022.

This event started with a “match” game where 10 parents and 10 students were invited to the stage to answer several questions and then match their answers in order to see how much the parents and students know each other. The game was fun and at the end of the game, we finally know that although the majority of parents never talk to their children about their school life, all parents are very supportive towards their children’s education. This game also aimed to share the awareness that better communication between parents and children is very important in supporting their children’s education.

“It was a memorable day for me. Communication between parents and children is very important to build a support system and I hope there is no more school dropout in my village.” said Artawan, grade 11.

The event continued with a short film about CEFM and a documentary and music videos about the damaged roads in Bunga, Jatituhu and Darmaji, all starred and directed by the students themselves. By the end of the session, they agreed on several strategies to overcome CEFM and school dropout in the village. They also hope that roads to/from the village could soon be repaired.

The parents and village leaders were impressed seeing how brilliantly the students brought the issues into great videos and music and conducted a communicative awareness sharing session. The next step is to bring their findings to the government in the last week of January and hopefully would be successful as well.

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