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Children’s 2023 Ear Health Program Achievements

By: Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

Ear problems in the children of Ban Village have always been a significant concern for EBPP, exacerbated by environmental conditions that make them more susceptible to such issues. And the lack of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctors in the community health centre (Puskesmas) further compounds the communities’ neglect of ear health.

To resolve this, EBPP collaborates with YPK Bali through the Bali Rungu program to provide essential annual ear examination services to all school children in Ban Village. This program plays a vital role in promoting ear health and preventing hearing problems among students.

From January-November 2023, Bali Rungu’s ENT specialist examined and treated 1,200 children in 15 Ban Village schools, of which 84% were found to have ear problems such as earwax accumulation, ear infections, foreign body obstruction, etc. We also distributed 770 fun booklets about ear health, enhancing children's understanding of this critical aspect of well-being.

We extend our deepest appreciation to YPK Bali for their dedicated collaboration over the years, to Inspirasia Foundation as the donor and to the schools in Ban Village that warmly welcomed this program. This initiative marks a significant step in prioritizing the health and ensuring a better quality of life for the children in Ban Village.

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