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Creating Resilient Youth in Kartini Day Celebration

Km Kurniawan, EBPP Chairman & Team Leader

April 21 is Kartini Day in Indonesia, commemorating the birth of Raden Ajeng Kartini in 1879, one of Indonesia's national heroes. Her name is written in history as a figure who fought for women's rights and gender equality.

Holding EBPP Kartini Day celebration one day early, we provided constructive sexual education for adolescents by joining hands with a social organization that cares for adolescents: KISARA (we love teenagers), who organized interesting activities with our junior and senior high school students.

Our activities not only provide information, but also open discussions on important topics such as sex education to prevent child marriage, understanding of reproductive organs, the dangers of marrying at a young age, and the importance of active roles for both women and men in society.

In this session, we emphasized more about how these teenagers can fight to protect themselves, so that they are able to prevent unwanted things happening to them, and guide them to becoming a more resilient generation. Through this interactive project, that supplements earlier group trainings, we expect them to grow into individuals who are more self-aware, value diversity, and take wiser decisions related to their health and relationships in the future.

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