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Darmaji ENT Examinations Shows Significant Improvements since 2023!

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On June 11, EBPP implemented the ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) Examination and Treatment program for a total of 89 students from EBPP Darmaji School and SD 3 Ban Filial (Government elementary school) in Darmaji Hamlet. This initiative is part of the "Bali Rungu" program, EBPP collaboration program with YPK Bali, which has provided annual ENT services to all school children in Ban Village since 2011. This program is crucial because the local health centre doesn’t have ENT specialists, resulting in neglected ear health.

This program, led by Dr. Bandem, an ENT specialist, revealed a significant decrease in ear blockages due to wax accumulation: from 97% in 2023 to only 13,5% this year! Dr. Bandem attributes this improvement to EBPP’s ‘Bali Rungu’ annual ENT examinations and the students’ behaviour in keeping their ears dry, thus reducing ear secretions. Additionally, there were no cases of students with ear infections this year.

This remarkable improvement highlights the effectiveness of consistent and dedicated healthcare interventions in this remote area. By ensuring that children in Ban Village receive regular ENT examinations and treatment, we are significantly enhancing their overall health and well-being, paving the way for healthier futures.

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