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Dynamic Interaction Between Teachers and Students

By: I Wayan Winata, EBPP elementary school teacher

The direct approach to learning is a strategy in which the teacher plays a central role in the learning process, while actively involving the students. In this method, the teacher not only provides explanations, but also answers questions and provides intensive guidance to students. This intensive interaction encourages students to actively participate, ask questions and discuss. This approach builds strong relationships between teachers and students, creating an inclusive classroom climate where every student is equally valued and feels cared for.

In this supportive atmosphere, students feel encouraged to grow and develop. They feel more confident to ask questions and express their opinions. Thus, this hands-on approach not only increases student engagement but also encourages deeper understanding, critical thinking, and intellectual growth. Teachers and students work together to achieve learning goals, produce better academic outcomes, and strengthen the bond between teacher and student. Thus, a hands-on approach to learning not only creates an effective learning environment, but also enriches students' learning experiences, preparing them for a successful future.

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