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EBPP's Intensive Malnutrition Treatment Home Visits Program

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

As part of our intensive malnutrition treatment program, EBPP health team visits malnourished children twice a month: at the beginning of the month, we provide nutrition education to the families, with a follow-up visit two weeks later. During these follow-up visits, we interview families about their children's diets, conduct food recalls, and perform anthropometric measurements. Our goals are to reinforce the educational material provided, understand the obstacles families face in implementing balanced nutrition, and find joint solutions to these challenges.

These home visits are a crucial component of our program, promoting nutritional awareness and encouraging a shift from merely implementing proper nutrition to achieving balanced nutrition. By interacting directly with families, our Health team not only provides education and nutritional consultations but also builds bonds of trust with parents. During each visit, we engage parents in identifying their child's condition and evaluating their nutritional behaviours. These visits also serve as a platform for our team to motivate and support parents' efforts to improve their children's eating patterns.

We prioritize positive communication during these visits and we always acknowledges every effort made by the parents and any improvements in their children. This approach aims to keep parents motivated to continue striving for balanced nutrition for their children, despite the challenges they may face.

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