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EBPP’s Intensive Nutrition Improvement Program

Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

In our ongoing commitment to combat malnutrition among children in Ban Village, EBPP has implemented a comprehensive approach focusing on malnourished children and their families. This approach involves intensive family assistance nutrition improvement programs through regular home visits, providing education and counselling to address each child's specific problems and promote healthier eating habits.

We started the nutrition improvement program in April with home visits to malnourished children. After navigating steep and rutted dirt roads, our program commenced with pre-tests to assess nutritional-health knowledge, interviews to understand children's eating patterns, anthropometric measurements to assess nutritional status, and education about balanced nutrition. Families were introduced to the food pyramid to help them understand the types of food required for balanced nutrition. We also provided nutritious food packages containing rice, eggs or fish, tofu, mung beans, or red beans, vegetables, fruits, iodized salt and special formula milk.

The pre-test highlighted the challenges faced by families, including limited nutrition-health knowledge and beliefs in local myths hindering them from implementing appropriate nutritional behaviour. Moreover, poor road access and remote locations of most homes limited their access to nutritious food sellers. However, after receiving education, families were able to identify deficiencies in their children's eating patterns. Together, we formulated solutions for each family to implement balanced nutrition in their children's diets.

EBPP's holistic approach in addressing malnutrition in Ban Village reflects our firm commitment to the well-being of the communities. By working closely with families and providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge, we hope to create sustainable changes that will positively impact the health and nutrition of children in this region.

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