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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By Rinjani, Student, Grade 12, EBPP Darmaji School

Early childhood marriage is a very serious problem for the community, especially in Darmaji hamlet on Mount Abang steep and sandy slopes where I live, because it is very dangerous for young women who are not ready to get pregnant and gave birth to her child.

With these cases, the EMpower EBPP Education team carried out activities to encourage the community so that there are special rules in the community that prohibit children from marrying at an early age.

After going through several processes and efforts, finally on January 30, 2023, the Darmaji hamlet community succeeded in making and passing a regulation agreed upon by all residents of the community, which is called “Pararem” (customary law). In the regulation, there are several points stating that all children are prohibited from marrying under the age. In accordance with government law, children are not allowed to marry under the age of 19. For children who violate these regulations, they will be subject to a fairly burdensome fine in accordance with the agreement of all communities.

With this Pararem, it is hoped that it can prevent early child marriage and requires parental support to always accompany their children and provide appropriate information that getting married at the legal age can certainly bring happy.

As a student, I am very happy with this rule in the community, so that all children focus more on learning, both at school and at home, so that after graduating high school, they can follow education to a higher level and a better future.

Thank you to the EBPP EMpower team for their hard work, and all the people of Darmaji hamlet; hopefully this regulation will be obeyed by all residents, so that all children can study properly.

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