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ENT Program for 231 Children in Ban Village

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

Since 2011, EBPP has been dedicated to supporting ear health in school children through the Bali Rungu program in collaboration with YPK Bali. This initiative provides crucial annual ear check-ups for all school children in Ban Village. The program is particularly important because, to this day, the local health centre does not have an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist, leading to some neglect of ear health in our arid mountain communities, especially concerning for children whose ears are still developing and more prone to such issues.

We held our latest ENT program for a total of 231 children at SD 3 Ban (government elementary school) over two days: March 19 and May 6. Led by ENT doctors, the students received thorough ear check-ups and treatment for the key problems of ear wax buildup and/or infections. After the check-ups, we provided ear health posters for the school and distributed fun booklets for the students, helping them understand the importance of ear health.

The children were excited and appreciative of this annual service as part of EBPP’s commitment to improving health and wellness in Ban Village. By providing essential ear care and educational resources, we empower students to take an active role in protecting their ear health, ensuring a healthier future for all.

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