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Exciting 2023 National Education Day Celebration

By: Made Suarjana, EBPP Education Team Coordinator

National Education Day, celebrated annually on 2 May, has a very special meaning for the extended EBPP Family: as a form of respect, gratitude, and thanks to our Heroes who have big contributions to the world of education in Indonesia. Accordingly, we expect our students to increase their learning motivation, think critically, have a social spirit, and develop their talents in order to build a better future.

After the opening ceremony, our celebrations started with the “Puspanjali” welcome dance, performed by EBPP Darmaji school students, followed by a special event by students of our recently established English Club who sang several catchy English pop songs and recited poetry in English, accompanied by music!

Next were the competitions, starting with a Balinese language storytelling, followed by intelligence quiz contests for elementary, middle, and high schools. Boisterous applause and shouts from supporters echoed, encouraging the students who were concentrating for the competition. After that, we had a Chess competition between representatives from 6 EBPP schools, a face painting competition of the Indonesian President, and a debate on education and child early marriage.

Music and Dance: The traditional Balinese dance “Belibis” (bird dance) was beautifully performed by Manikaji school students, followed by exciting and entertaining ‘sing-along’ songs from each of our EBPP’s 6 schools’, backed by their respective music groups, thrilling the audience. Finally, competition winners were announced, prizes awarded and everyone joined in cleaning the environment.

We hope that this activity will be an inspiration for all students to continue to innovate and be creative, in order to achieve their goals.

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