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How We Develop Students’ Artistic Talent

By: Wayan Kariastawa, EBPP Art teacher

Art painting is considered one of the most excellent talent development activities for students, encompassing more than just the creation of aesthetically pleasing artworks. They also serve to cultivate skills in observation, self-expression and creative thinking.

Art classes are an integral component of our education programme, held weekly for all EBPP students, with specific themes tailored to different grade levels. For instance, elementary students are assigned themes related to everyday life landscapes, so that they can express the beauty of nature or scenes observed in their daily lives, thereby enhancing their observation skills.

Middle school students are given comic storytelling themes to encourage the application and refinement of pencil colour gradation techniques to bring character and stories to life. This provides students with an opportunity to develop visual narratives and convey their ideas through the medium of painting. Engaging students in artwork with comic themes also nurtures creativity and bolsters student’s self-confidence.

High school students’ themes, on the other hand, are centred around motivation, with the intention of prompting them to employ their creativity to convey positive messages through their artwork to serve as a means of non-verbal communication.

As it can be observed, students are given different topics and approaches to work depending on their age and interests. Through artistic development, we help our students develop motor, social, linguistic and risk-taking skills, among many others.

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