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Improving Children's Literacy Skills Through 'Word Hunting'

Wayan Winata, EBPP Elementary School Teacher

Literacy, which includes reading, writing, and numeracy skills, has a wide range of importance and benefits. It serves as an important foundation for understanding subject matter at higher education levels. When teaching literacy skills, especially to slow learners, I often use games that appeal to elementary school students to speed up their thinking power and increase their interest in learning.

A game I often use is "word hunting", where I ask students to find numbers or words in the book I have given them, or I write down a few words on the board and instruct students to match the numbers with the words written. For example, if I write the word "two" and a few other words on the board, students should write the appropriate number for the words.

With this method, students can quickly recognize letters, improve their reading skills, and improve their ability to find information. In addition, I find this method very interactive and able to reduce students' boredom during class.

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