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Malnutrition Study: Healthy Diet Education for Adolescent Female

By I Wayan Darsana, Assistant Health Team Leader

Now in the 4th year of our 5-year Malnutrition Study, in partnership with Udayana University Faculty of Medicine, to address the prevailing issue of stunting in Ban Village by developing an effective family-based education model, this report addresses the third peer education activity for adolescent females. We provided a comprehensive understanding of healthy dietary habits for adolescent females by optimising incorporation of locally sourced ingredients, which saw enthusiastic participation from the 85 females representing 15 sub-villages.

During this enlightening gathering, we:

· Educated participants about the healthy diets and the benefits of consuming locally available food into their daily meals

· Conducted anthropometric measurements, including Weight, Height, and Upper Arm Circumference, to assess the nutritional status of the participants after completing the educational sessions

· Implemented post-test questionnaires to measure the extent of knowledge, attitude, and behavioural changes resulting from the education provided.

We hope that with this education and new knowledge given to the adolescent females in Ban Village to fulfil balanced nutrition by utilizing local foods, that they can become peer educators for their peers to share information about healthy diets using local available foods.

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