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Malnutrition Study: Trialling EMO-DEMO ‘Unhealthy Snacks’ Game

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On 2nd May, as part of the 4th year of our 5-year malnutrition study “Developing family-based nutrition intervention in Ban Village,” in collaboration with Udayana University Medical Faculty, we had training for introducing a new EMO-DEMO (Emotional Demonstration) game simulation about unhealthy snacks, based on our 2022 malnutrition study findings that consumption of unhealthy snacks is still a problem among children under-2 years old, the ‘Golden Age’ for preventing stunting.

Udayana University’s expert team developed a game concept that we will add to the family gathering sessions to help the families’ understanding about the risks of their children consuming unhealthy snacks. This game will demonstrate the effects of unhealthy snacks when entering a child’s stomach by mixing various types of unhealthy snacks in a glass and then pouring hot water over them. Parents will be invited to observe the colour, consistency and smell of this unhealthy snack mix, then discuss how they feel about it.

After we practiced simulating this game, we also discussed the obstacles that we might face in the field, and potential solutions we could offer to deal with them. We must anticipate family members’ responses and questions that might arise, prepare explanations and, most importantly, compile a list of healthy snack recommendation, using local ingredients that the whole family can also consume and enjoy!

Empowered with this training, we are confident that this simulation game will trigger parents’ caution before giving snacks to their children. More interesting stories and discoveries coming soon….

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