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Mastering the Alphabet with Spelling Chain Method

Indriani, EBPP English teacher.

Mastering the English alphabet is a crucial initial step in learning and understanding English pronunciation as it serves as the foundation for representing specific sounds such as vowel sounds, consonants, and frequently used sound combinations in English.

However, in some schools many of our younger students have yet to master the English alphabet, and some even mistakenly believe that mastering the English alphabet has no relevance to English pronunciation. To address this issue, I incorporate "spelling chain" into my teaching method as one of the warm-up activities before starting the lesson.

Spelling chain is a group game where each participant takes turns spelling specific vocabulary correctly. In this method, I write down certain vocabulary on the board and erase them after giving the group time to remember the sequence of letters in the words. This method serves as an excellent practice to improve students' English spelling skills and can help them expand their vocabulary knowledge in English.

This method also creates a more active and enjoyable classroom atmosphere, which motivates students to engage more eagerly in the English learning process.

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