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Mid-Semester Assessment: Navigating Challenges Amidst Tradition

I Wayan Sumadia, EBPP history teacher

The Mid-Semester Assessment, a crucial checkpoint in academic progress, faced a unique challenge in our second semester this year. Scheduled immediately after the revered Galungan day celebration (the day of the victory of Dharma against Adharma according to Hindu religious beliefs), our students were immersed in festive preparations, leaving little time for academic readiness.

Despite this, their determination prevailed, showcasing commendable readiness for the tests. As educators, we value not only assessment but also feedback, essential for refining teaching methods and student experiences.

This mutual exchange fosters growth and improvement. Thus, we view the Mid-Semester Assessment not merely as a checkpoint but as an opportunity to blend tradition with academic excellence, fortifying our educational pursuits while honoring our cultural heritage.

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