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My Experience Learning Permaculture at School

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By Puspadiari, Grade 10, EBPP Manikaji Student

There is something new with our school activity from January 2023, when Manikaji students got the opportunity to learn about permaculture, include soil and water conservation, with Pak Krisna Waworuntu, an expert in this field. This activity is intended to give us the knowledge and experience that we could use to better utilize the farm and that we have in Manikaji, and to share our new knowledge with our parents, extended family and neighbours.

There are a lot of interesting topics we learned in this activity; both the theory and the practice. Those are such as the ethic of permaculture, which includes learning the negative impact of using inorganic fertilizers and pesticides on the environment. We also did some outdoor activities like how to make terraces, planting vegetable and creating a good rain water drainage for them. In the field we also learn about how plants and trees can grow, and what impacts can affect their growth, as well as get to know the types of insecticides that interfere with and/or help plants.

I feel grateful that I got the chance to join this permaculture activity, and so happy that I can have more knowledge about farming, so that someday I can improve the agriculture of my garden and teach my parent how to do better technic organic farming that will be increase my family economics in the future.

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