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New Experience: Facilitating “Climate Action” Project

By Wayan Ngurah, EBPP Staff

Since January 2023, as an EBPP staff with experience few years ago working with students’ organic vegetable school gardens, I was appointed as a facilitator for EBPP’s new Australian Volunteers’ sponsored ‘Regenerative Agriculture and Agroforestry “Climate Action” Permaculture project’, with an expert in this field, Pak Krisna Waworuntu, to empower our Manikaji Junior and senior high students to learn, and eventually train others.

During this last two months, on the near non-productive farmland located behind Manikaji school, we learned many new things together, including: soil and water conservation for the improved dry farmland, the technique of producing compost from organic waste, producing liquid fertilizer through the fermentation process, and creating terracing on the sloping land, that we planted with Vetiver grass (Vetiveria Chrysopogon) hedges to conserve and store water! We then planted many types of nutritious vegetable seedlings on the terraces, that will eventually be incorporated to the students’ and their families daily nutritious meals.

From this learning-by-doing method, the students could experience the process of dry-land permaculture directly, and feel and be aware of the benefits of permaculture for the environment such as keeping their lands organic and producing healthy crops that are free from chemical products.

In the future, all the students will share the insight they got from this program with their community and family, so that the quality of agriculture in their hamlet could be better.

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