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Our National Computer-Based Assessment Rehearsal Experience

By: Lina, Darmaji, grade 11

On the mornings of August 23 and 24, my 11th grade friends and I took part in a really important practice session for a big computer test at EBPP Ban office new Computer lab. The practice was super useful because it helped us get ready for the real test - that is to show the government any problems they need to fix. We also learned how to use a special test program on the computer.

A big part of this practice was figuring out how to log into the program. We each had our own special username and password on cards. But it wasn’t easy because a lot of schools were using the same central government computer, so it got really busy. Even though we faced this challenge, our determination and passion drove us to keep trying until we finally got in. The first day, we practiced reading and understanding things, and the next day, we practiced the Maths test.

This practice was good for more than just learning stuff. It taught us to be patient because the computer server had some trouble with so many people using it. Even when it was hard, we kept trying, and that’s an important lesson. Now, we feel more ready for the real test of ANBK (National Computer-Based Assessment) next week, and we’re excited to do our best after practicing so much.

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