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Planting Trees to Rebuild Ecosystem.

Suliani, Grade 10, Manikaji School

For our youth empowerment creative project, my friends and I have dedicated ourselves to tree planting, expressing our commitment to nature preservation in our village. Since we started our Creative projects in 2021 until January 2024, in three tree planting sessions, we planted a total of 233 tree seedlings, including gliricidia, banyan tree, jackfruit, and mango. It is truly rewarding to see most of them, including 103 gliricidia trees, 3 banyan trees, 50 jackfruit, and 4 mango trees already thriving. The planting site is on Saab Hill on Mount Abang, over an area of 1 hectare at an elevation of 1385-1465 metres. Despite our small group of 15 students, our enthusiasm remains high. Witnessing the positive outcomes fuels our motivation to sustainably contribute to preserving the environment.


We also remember the dramatic events in October 2023 when a severe forest fire destroyed much of the forest on Saab Hill just above our village, causing serious damage to the eco-system, including loss of animal habitats, a decrease in ground water supply, risks of soil erosion and even the burning of some tree seedlings planted by EBPP students in 2022. This incident strengthens our determination to restore and maintain the disrupted ecosystem's balance.


The recovery of the ecosystem after a fire requires collaborative efforts and a considerable amount of time. We envision our tree planting project as the start of a broader movement for sustainable environmental management in our village. By working together and fostering collective awareness, we aim to build a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.


Please support us in this mission, thank you!

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