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Resilience of Organic Gardens in Manikaji Hamlet

Wyn Ngurah, EBPP Agriculture Asst.

Strong winds hit Manikaji hamlet on the slopes of Mount Abang last week, causing damage many fruits trees and some local homes. Concerns were raised among some students about potential damage to their new organic vegetable garden they planted with their families.

“My organic garden was not affected by the strong winds. In fact, the heavy rain that occurred in the last few days has been a blessing, giving additional enthusiasm for me to expand our garden by making more terracing. This makes me happy because it will allow my family to harvest organic vegetables more abundantly, especially considering that my mother is pregnant and needs nutritious vegetable intake for the health of the baby she is carrying,” said Indrawan, an 11th grade student at EBPP Manikaji school.

Since having our expert hands-on lessons on agriculture at school, all our junior and senior high students have enthusiastically applied the knowledge learned in managing their own land. Today, almost all students and their families enjoy the harvests of organic vegetables that they grow themselves. The hope is that activities like this can develop throughout society, so that healthier living without chemicals becomes a reality for all. Thanks.


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