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Second Iron Supplement Distribution and Counselling

Ni Nengah Srigampil, EBPP Midwife

Following our initial 5-weeks Iron Supplement Distribution for EBPP adolescent school girls reported on 15 February, we are continuing the anaemia prevention program for adolescent girls, ensuring that these supplements provide tangible benefits for them in preventing anaemia and preparing their health status before they become mothers, thus reducing the likelihood of infant malnutrition from an early stage.


We distributed the second batch of iron supplement on 14, 15, and 21 March, accompanied by comprehensive education and counselling sessions to address the obstacles that had been faced by some students in consuming iron supplements in the first batch. During the counselling sessions, students shared their experiences with iron supplements, including, side effects, taste preferences and challenges with scheduling. Collaboratively, we developed solutions such as taking supplements with food or drinks like bananas and water before bed. Additionally, students set reminders on their phones to ensure regular intake.


It is our hope that this initiative will encourage sustainable regular intake of iron supplements among the young women at EBPP schools. By preventing anaemia, we aim to help them maintain a healthy body and ultimately prepare them for healthy pregnancies, ensuring the birth of a healthy next generation.

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