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Sharpening Literacy Skills through Learning Balinese Script

By: Wayan Suteja, EBPP Balinese Language Teacher

Balinese script, or the unique alphabet of Bali, plays a significant role in the art and culture of Bali. Typically used in spiritual songs, poetry, traditional verses, and sacred storybooks, Balinese script is revered by the Balinese community and frequently employed in traditional ceremonies and religious rituals. As a Balinese language teacher, I have had interesting experiences teaching Balinese script at EBPP schools, where students who are already familiar with Bali's culture find it challenging to grasp its rules. I employ various methods to help them understand and write the script. In facing this challenge, students persistently strive and enthusiastically engage in learning, driven by their love for the culture.

They begin by learning to spell simple words and then proceed to form sentences. I encourage them to practice writing 20-30 everyday objects in Balinese script at home, honing their writing and reading abilities. Additionally, I teach them to analyse Balinese stories, enhancing their literacy skills. Through this education, we hope to enhance students' literacy and nurture their love for the local cultural heritage amidst the rapid pace of modernization. Our efforts aim not only to enrich their knowledge but also to contribute to the preservation of Bali's cultural richness for future generations.

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