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The Festive Spirit of EBPP’s 2024 National Education Day Celebration

By: I Made Suarjana, EBPP Education Team Coordinator

This year's National Education Day celebration was an absolute delight! Starting with a lively 30-minute ceremony, the event unfolded with a series of captivating performances. The stage came alive with the Balinese Puspanjali dance, presented by students from Darmaji school, drawing cheers and applause from the audience. Following this was a passionate recital of the poem "Education is the Key to Success" by a Pengalusan 11th grader; a melodious rendition of the Rihanna song, "Diamonds" by English Club members; and stealing the spotlight was Manikaji School’s  enthralling English performance of the drama "Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah," leaving the audience spellbound.

As the performances concluded, the stage was graced by more talent, including a song duet "Terbaik Untukmu" by students from EBPP Darmaji and Jatituhu schools, and a touching poem titled "My Dream" written and presented by an English Club member, Lina, from Darmaji School.

The eagerly awaited Quiz competition came next for elementary, junior, and senior high school levels. The winners were as follows: Elementary level: first place was Jatituhu, 2nd Bunga, and Manikaji came third; Junior high: first was Darmaji, second by Manikaji, and Jatituhu took 3rd; Senior high school Quiz: the first place secured again by Darmaji School, Pengalusan came second, and third place by Bunga.

Next was the Balinese Language Speech Contest, with first place going to Darmaji, second place to Bunga, and third place to Pengalusan. The Debate Competition followed, with Manikaji coming first, Darmaji second, and Bunga took third. Then the Chess Competition, with Manikaji again, second was Darmaji, and Bunga in third.

Anime Drawing Contest with "Education" as the theme came next: a Darmaji student came first, second was Cegi, and Bunga in third. Finally, in the Spelling Bee and Word Whispering competitions: Manikaji took first place, second was Darmaji, and third place shared by students from EBPP Bunga, Cegi, and Pengalusan. More dances and songs followed, keeping everyone entertained.

Finally, the winners were announced, prizes awarded, and everyone enjoyed a meal together before pitching in for the cleanup.

What a fantastic day of celebration and learning! A big thank you to all our education donors whose support made this event possible.

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