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Tree Planting on Saab Hill, Mount Abang, Manikaji

By Sintia, Senior High School, Grade 10, Manikaji

On Saturday, 11th February, 21 of my friends and I planted some of the 170 tree seedlings (100 avocado, 50 jackfruit and 20 banyan) that were donated by East Bali Forestry Department on 30th January, on Saab Hill, Mount Abang. Starting at 8.00 am, with my friends consisting of junior and senior high school students, OSIS (Student Council) members and two teachers, enthusiastically trekked up the mountain ridge for about 2 hours. Initially, we planned to start the trip at 5 AM, but unfortunately, we’d heavy rain from dawn, so we had to wait till it stopped.

At the start of the trekking, we divide the responsibilities into two groups: one group bringing the tree seedlings and the other bringing food supplies and planting tools like hoe and sickle. Arriving on Saab Hill, we split into two groups, based on the planting area to be covered. Before planting the seedlings, we’d to cut the grass to clean the area and then dig holes and then carefully removed the polybags and planted the trees with 5 meters spacing. After planting all the tree seedlings, we took a lunch break while enjoying the mesmerizing Mount Abang valley view. We also monitored the tree seedlings that we planted 2-3 years ago, and luckily many had survived and were growing well.

From the seedlings received, received, we only planted the 50 jackfruit and 20 banyans because the avocado can’t grow well at 1,400 metres above sea level (over half way up Mount Abang). The avocado were distributed to the people who joined the tree planting, for planted in their respective home kitchen gardens.

Joining the tree planting activity was great fun since I could hang out with my friends. I hope more people will support our movement by joining the tree planting or donating more tree seedlings for us.

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