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YPK Mobile Physiotherapy Clinic: Hope for Persons with Disabilities

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

Since 2012, YPK has partnered with EBPP to provide physiotherapy services for children, aged from 2 - 18 years, and adults with disabilities with their mobile physiotherapy clinic program, held every Thursday at EBPP’s Tianyar Basecamp. Since the program started, more than 30 children and 70 adults with disabilities from Ban and the adjacent Tianyar and Sukadana villages have benefited from this program, which provides the only accessible physiotherapy services in the region.

During each visit, YPK professional therapists perform movement and muscle function exercises that are tailored to each client’s needs and their specific disabilities. YPK team also teach parents how to continue simple exercises at home to maintain the improvement of their respective disabilities even though most disabled children here tend to have severe disability conditions, requiring complex therapy from experts with special therapeutic tools, in the knowledge that the distance to the hospital providing therapy services is very far and the lack of funds makes it impossible for them to access the therapy their child needs.

Having this program is a hope for every person with disabilities and their families, enabling them to get the therapy services for free and close to them.

Thank you so much to our donor, Inspirasia Foundation, for keeping their hopes alive!

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