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Big Smiles! New Uniforms for the New School Year

By: I Made Suarjana, EBPP Education Team Coordinator

Ahead of the new school year, EBPP students welcomed their new uniforms with great enthusiasm and pride because they see their unique uniform not only as clothing, but also as their identity as EBPP students, from elementary through to high school.  

It takes about two months from measuring each child to completing the two sets of uniforms: one for regular learning and one for sports.

"I am really happy to be getting this this new uniform because it makes me more confident and eager to learn. Thank you very much!" said Puspa, a grade 10 Pengalusan student.

EBPP shows great concern and commitment to education by providing these uniforms, easing the burden on parents with low incomes in this dry season. With the new uniforms, they are ready to face the academic year with renewed energy and determination to achieve greater success.

This initiative reflects EBPP's efforts in supporting quality and sustainable education for children in East Bali, reinforcing their commitment to a better future.

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